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I'm Wishing :iconratscout:ratscout 2 6 Beyond Reach Cover :iconratscout:ratscout 0 1
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By my Side :iconratscout:ratscout 1 0
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Beyond Reach - Dearest Obsession :iconratscout:ratscout 2 2
With Me by all Ends :iconratscout:ratscout 0 1 Derek Stylez :iconratscout:ratscout 4 2 Blue on the Run :iconratscout:ratscout 6 0 7-7 Destination Heaven! :iconratscout:ratscout 9 1
Anna-Marie is a young, black maid working for a white southern family. She cleans, cooks, sews, and looks after the young children in the house and the baby when their mother is busy. The work is mind-numbing. Boring and unchallenging. The individuals she works for are okay for the most part. The parents of the house generally treat her with some amount of respect and don't mistreat her. The children can be cruel as children can be, but they are fine for the most part as well. There is a boy in the family, however, her age, as sweet as can be. Anna-Marie has a crush on him.
Anna-Marie sets the table for the family each night. The boy she likes, named Ferris, thanks her when she sets his plate down. She says nothing, but smiles shyly and backs away into the kitchen for her own dinner.
Ferris is the only one who ever thanks her for anything. It's one of the reasons she likes him so much.
She eats quickly and silently peers out from the kitchen, looking at Ferris. At the same moment, he g
:iconratscout:ratscout 2 3
Who's Gonna Rock the Place? :iconratscout:ratscout 4 1 Snow White Coloring Page :iconratscout:ratscout 12 16
Julian sat in his college class, leaning his cheek on his hand in boredom. Next to him sat his older brother, Jeremy. Jeremy was sleeping through class as he usually did lately. There was a time when Jeremy used to stay up in class, whispering in Julian's ear and making fun of other people in the class rather than paying attention. Nowadays, Jeremy was tired ninety percent of the time and had a very flat affect the other ten percent.
It made Julian very sad that his brother was so distant of late. He used to be a very fun, quirky individual who loved to take his little brother out to... Play scrabble with Jeremy's odd group of friends in the park.
Class ended and Julian stood up, looking at his sleeping brother with a smile. The classroom was identical to a theatre but for the ugly yellow wallpaper and the seats being sandwiched together even more so than in a theatre. Julian never liked being caged between two people--even if one was his brother. It was suffocating.
Julian shook his b
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Open Your Heart :iconratscout:ratscout 4 0
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I Am :iconratscout:ratscout 2 3
Enigmatic Insect: The Brother of the Insect
Lately, I had been thinking about my hometown. I hadn't been back in ages. I was too scared to return, what with the Reaper hanging about. But, perhaps a few minutes wouldn't hurt. I was back in Eleadus, the village on the border of the large Eleadan forest. The weather was cold this time of year, so I was wearing a nice, fat coat. It was the first place I had been to when I first arrived in this dimension. I looked for the odd seams in the air that only butterfairies could see, and I waved my hands where they were, trying to pry it apart. I was truly losing what powers I had... only a few of the trees hiding the purple dimensional rift melted away. I could barely see it. I frowned deeply, eyes glistening with unshed tears before entering.
My home was still a wasteland.
Purple fumes rose like steam off the barren earth. There was no green; just a cold, empty, rocky land with swirling clouds in the sky. I looked around and recognized the spot where my house used to be. I landed nearby a
:iconratscout:ratscout 2 1
Fairies of Castle Yab
Kendal and her mother arrived at Castle Yab, hired by the Princess Rihanna herself. The Princess had bumped into them on one of her adventures, and had kindly offered them work.
Kendal was a fairymantis or ‘manty’, a type of fairy with the features of a praying mantis, as was her mother. Manties usually came up to the knee on a normal human-being; but Kendal was also wheelchair-bound. It would be hard for her to get around and clean up the castle being so small and disabled, especially since Mom would be working in the kitchen and wouldn't be able to help her get around.
Her mother followed the princess in through the gate, wheeling Kendal in in front of her she went, oohing and aaahing at the intricacies of the castle’s design–the fine marble with golden trim, the excellently kept gardens, and even the residents of the keep themselves were a splendor to look at.
Kendal was happy to be there despite the fact that Princess Rihanna didn't pay the fairies who worke
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COD - EI TBotI - PG04 :iconmistytang:MistyTang 16 8 WOS - Louise Banks :iconzimeta:Zimeta 70 18 Derek Stylez :iconmistytang:MistyTang 55 16 COD - EI TBotI - PG03 :iconzimeta:Zimeta 10 6 COD - EI TBotI - PG02 :iconmistytang:MistyTang 25 11 COD - LTL - Chapter Two - PG15 :iconmistytang:MistyTang 48 16 Samwise :iconzimeta:Zimeta 120 11 COD - EI AtFD - PG04 :iconzimeta:Zimeta 12 8
Sweet Selene

Sweet Selene
            Lyman fiddled with his suit as he stood in line. Having no regular caretaker it was up to him to keep up with its maintenance. Luckily, his daily check of all his various tubes and diagnostic screens turned up nothing; he was fine—for now.
            His suit was highly customized; he’d been in it for a few hundred years, so he’d had plenty of time to make it unique to his personality. The chassis part was blue, and his monitors shown green from the anterior plating. His arms and legs were sheathed in a thick, matted, black, but slimming material. 
            The line he stood in stretched out of the Galactic Pharmacy, a building as large as a regular hospital. They served drugs to every species imag
:iconzimeta:Zimeta 12 15
COD - LTL - Chapter Two - PG14 :iconmistytang:MistyTang 80 31 COD - EI TBotI - PG01 :iconzimeta:Zimeta 12 4 COD - LTL - Chapter Two - PG13 :iconmistytang:MistyTang 70 51 WOS - Jordan Cochran :iconzimeta:Zimeta 32 11 WOS - Ruth Adams :iconzimeta:Zimeta 86 20 COD - EI TBotI - Cover :iconmistytang:MistyTang 67 17
Come With Me
    His name was Igg, and he was the only one of his kind I ever met. Indeed, perhaps there were no others.
    He was white, alabaster, milk crystal white, with long bony limbs and a head that curved back to a knobby point at the crest. Similar knobs grew from his elbows, shoulders, the upper half of his spine, and his heels, for his legs worked like the hind legs of a cat. His eyes were dark, perhaps a deep purple or navy blue, but with such a mirror-bright shine that I was never able to tell for certain. Perhaps they varied depending on his mood - and his mood was variable indeed. It needed to be.
    He appeared at my bedside one night when I was sixteen. Though he had no mouth, he had a voice. It sang deep and resonant in my mind, not only in words but in images, emotions, and the meaning that goes beyond either, and the foundation of what he said was, "Come with me."
    Barefoot in my thin, blue satin pajamas I put my hand in his. His skin
:icontheseaknight:TheSeaKnight 2 6
As you may have guessed, I am not nearly as big into drawing as I am into writing. Anyways, I've got some stories up at Smash Words, and they're really quick, fun reads; I also try to put in stuff that makes you feel and think about things. Some of them are pretty zany, original ideas. So if you like quirky things, they'll probably be right up your alley! 

Two of the stories are free, and I only have one up that costs money (not even a dollar though) so feel free to drop by and browse my wares!

A Wizard's Tale by MistyTang :heart: A Wizard's Tale, is available here!! :heart:

What it's about: Keenan is a Pixie at the end of his rope. He's used up his lifeforce magic and is aging like a normal Human would without it; and because he is thousands of years old, he hasn't got long to live. His only hope for survival is to request the Regeneration from the Order--a religious sect that will sometimes use magic to restore a person to youth if they feel them worthy. The only problem is, Keenan doesn't believe in God.


What it's about: A Yulyan called Ezra is of a species he knows little about because he grew up among humans. He lives with a pounding at the back of his head called Blue, and he has no idea what Blue is or why his species is afflicted with it. He also seems cursed with fake memories that do not seem to belong to him, which could be a side effect of Blue

Blue is probably the weirdest thing I've ever written by the way


What it's about: A novela about a butterfly creature who becomes deathly ill and never quite recovers. When his sister is kidnapped by flying ships, he pursues them to a foreign land far different than his own and looks for her in strange cities while battling his own internal issues with feeling helpless.

All of these are completely free except Home. I of course plan to keep writing no matter what as I love it! Stay tuned and very soon I'll put up my personal favorite story I've ever written starring my original character Joshua, which I will call A Wayward God.

Shine Until Tomorrow by ratscout


Natasha Weber
United States
Hi! My name is Natasha Weber, but you can call me Tasha or Larry if you want! I like video games, reading and writing. And an occasional movie is always good too!



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