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Wild Saber by ratscout
Wild Saber
A quick Edward from Radiant Dawn for a spot of fun. All three of his outfits are some of my favorite in Fire Emblem history, but that third one in particular is killer. I just wish I had better reference for it. :faint: Of course Edward is one of my favorite character in the Ike duology in general, even though you only get to know about his past through the designer notes. Luckily you get to know his personality well enough through the base convos; and of course the nice thing about Fire Emblem characters is that you can pretty much tell exactly what a character is like just by their design. 

I think I tried looking Edward up somewhere once and all that came up was him being gay with Leonardo. Sometimes I wonder if people just constantly think of stoopid pairings while playing video games, or watching movies or reading books instead of following the story. No wonder people can't handle complex stories these days. XD I was also really confused because I think of Edward and Nolan as more of a duo than Edward and Leonardo. XD Probably because I always make them support. The earth and light affinities make for some invincible pairs! Plus I have a feeling if Radiant Dawn had more traditional supports, Edward and Nolan would probably have some epic convos about how Edward doesn't have a family. :)
Shine Until Tomorrow by ratscout
Shine Until Tomorrow
Let it be

People be singing let it go, and I be singing let it be. ;)

I sometimes like making women the secret heroes in some of my stories. Joshua falls to earth as if an angel, and meets an angel of his own. :)    
You Remind me of Him by ratscout
You Remind me of Him
One of my favorite things about the Awakening DLC, is that some of the characters break the 4th wall and recognize you. Particularly Lyn and Katarina. :)

It's such a shame Fire Emblem 12 wasn't brought to America! It had some awesomesauce characters and stuffs! :faint: Plus, your My Unit character could have an afro in that game. How cool beans is that? Oh, and it had Merric. The game is worth it on Merric alone. XD

The relationship between your character and Katarina in Fire Emblem 12 is probably cuter than any support in Awakening though, just because there wasn't so much comedy dragging it down. :lol: 
Mighty Prince by ratscout
Mighty Prince
Besides Ness, I really can't choose a favorite character from MOTHER 2, but Poo is pretty badass and needs more love. 

I used to be sad that Mister Itoi decided not to make any MOTHER games, but now I find myself strangely really respecting his decision. It takes a lot of guts to walk away from something that you could milk until the cows come home (especially since MOTHER is quite a bit more popular now thanks to Smash) Plus, if you leave the trilogy as it is, it's pretty perfect!
What Will Happen to us? by ratscout
What Will Happen to us?
My thoughts are being written on the wall

The moment your truly grasp how weird a kid Ness is. XD

It's kind of weird to think there's a stage in Smash where you can play inside Ness' head. So what, Ness is thinking about Megaman and Pit fighting? :lol:
Hey guys! I realize that I don't have very many watchers, but I put up one of my short stories for download/purchase at SmashWords. I'm really proud of this one, so I hope you'll give it a look!

A Wizard's Tale by MistyTang

:heart: My story, A Wizard's Tale, is available here!! :heart: You can read the story for free!


Natasha Weber
United States
Hi! My name is Natasha Weber, but you can call me Tasha or Larry if you want! I like video games, reading and writing. And an occasional movie is always good too!

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